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Live in Ohio, looking to get a card

I’m 23(m) with a 4-5+ year long struggle with severe anxiety and depression. Weed is definitely a form of anxiety relief for me. Would it be possible you think? I […]

Cops arrest 3 in Pernem, seize Rs 1 crore cannabis

PANAJI: Pernem police on Monday arrested three persons for their alleged involvement in illegal cultivation of cannabis, and seized drugs worth over Rs1 crore. Pernem PI Jivba Dalvi said that […]

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Why CBD:THC Ratios Matter?

Jump To Section We’ve all seen the rise in the popularity of cannabis products in the last few years. Brands are continually developing new cannabis and cannabis-infused products to add […]

Feds Spend More Fighting Marijuana Than Do…

A new report has revealed that American police spent more money searching for and destroying cannabis plants than it did fighting domestic terrorism. Despite Donald Trump offering federal officers ‘whatever […]

CBD Lingo: Know the Basics to Be a Smart Shopper

By Jenny Menzel, H.C. “Have you tried CBD?” This is an increasingly common question the average layperson asks when within earshot of discussions about the most simple and complex health […]

FEDs Rule CBD “Not a Controlled Subs…

Earlier this week, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Justice announced that their standards no longer include hemp and CBD among controlled substances. “Hemp, including hemp plants and […]