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Do you like them BIG?

Building a Cannabis Wick System: An Easy Way to Grow Marijuana — Ed Rosenthal Sign In My Account

Prepare Your Cannabis Business for the TCPA

For some reason, many cannabis businesses believe that because they’re already violating the federal Controlled Substances Act, they’re free to violate other existing federal laws. This of course is not […]

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HH Flower Jar – The White CBG

Home / Shop CBD Oil / CBD Flower 0 sold in last 24 hours Contains: 4 grams of The White CBG hemp flower in each jar.Potency – CBGa 17.69%Dominance – […]

15% CBG Hemp Flower 0.2% THC

CBG smokeable flower CBG Hemp Flower bred specifically for high CBG quality, with negligible other cannabinoids present. Available by the lb (Wholesale from $600 for 100lb upward). 15% CBGA 0.12% […]