090: Pinterest Marketing Strategies with Vanessa Kynes

Generating traffic to your website can be so frustrating sometimes. One of the best ways to do it is through Pinterest! How? Read on and listen in to find out!

The guest today is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist for creative small businesses. As a YouTuber, blogger, and consultant, she helps creative small businesses grow by teaching traffic-generating Pinterest strategies to increase their brand visibility, book more clients, and ultimately, generate more sales. When she’s not pinning on Pinterest, she and her husband care for her three sweet daughters. Welcome to the podcast, Vanessa Kynes!

Vanessa will be telling us about things like:

  • The importance of marketing yourself on Pinterest
  • How to better your marketing results on Pinterest
  • How to make yourself stand out on the platform

Marketing on Pinterest has benefited me personally, and I hope that this episode can help you as well!

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