10 Of The Funniest Final Fantasy 7 Memes On Twitter

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Final Fantasy 7 is without a doubt one of the greatest RPGs of all time. The 1997 JRPG has sold millions of copies throughout the span of more than twenty years. It’s also the trademark title of the legendary Final Fantasy series. All of these achievements mean that Final Fantasy 7 is a video game to be taken seriously.

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However, since the release of the blockbuster game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, both fans and critics have taken to Twitter to mock many aspects of the beloved game. Some memes are hilarious, and some are a bit dark. Do you want to get in on the laughs and cringes for yourself? Here are ten of the funniest Final Fantasy 7 memes you will find on Twitter.

10 Zack’s Dumb Level Up Trick

This tweet says that you would have needed to have played Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core to understand the meme. Basically, in the Crisis Core edition of Final Fantasy 7, players would have to rely on the Digital Mind Wave (DMW), which was a limit-break system that worked something like a slot machine.

Based on what players got on the slot machine, they could level up, achieve an improved status, or perform a special attack. Back in the day, gamers took advantage of the system to easily level up instead of grinding the old-fashioned way through tedious battles. The Drake-meme says it all. Zack could easily level up without any effort, and it was one of the most questionable decisions Square made when developing Crisis Core.

9 The Classic Gongaga Meme

The release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake reinvigorated the presence of Gongaga memes on Twitter. For those that don’t know, Gongaga is the hometown of Zack and a few other playable characters in Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. After a disaster before the events of Final Fantasy 7, the town has been destroyed by a dormant Mako reactor.

Zack, being the butt of all jokes concerning Final Fantasy 7 memes, weirdly responds that his hometown is Gongaga in this tweet. He seems totally oblivious that his hometown has been destroyed along with many of his friends and loved ones. This is a classic dark meme making fun of one of Final Fantasy’s most memorable characters.

8 You Know They Had To Talk About Graphics

The upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X has got many gamers seeing the apex of the video game industry first-hand. Video games have never looked so real, especially with the use of virtual reality (VR) consoles. There used to be a day where you could barely make out the video game characters from the background.

Old-school gamers know what Final Fantasy 7 used to look like on the original PlayStation before the remake came out this year. Even though it’s been more than 20 years since Final Fantasy 7 came out, it literally makes no sense how far video game graphics came along.

7 Yes, Final Fantasy 7 Was Very Hard

Remember Ruby Weapon from Final Fantasy 7? Back then, it was a badge of honor to defeat Ruby Weapon. The game also had several very difficult bosses from Jenova to Sephiroth. That was the same with a lot of video games on PlayStation and other prehistoric consoles.

For those new to the Final Fantasy franchise, you definitely have to go back and play all of the retro titles. If you’re in for a challenge, see how far you can get in Final Fantasy 7 before you throw a fit, throw your controller, and turn off your console.

6 Mr. Worldwide

If you’re into South-Florida rap music, Pitbull is your guy. The premise of Final Fantasy 7 was focused on Cloud Strife and his group of friends who embarked on a journey to save the planet. Apparently, as long as Pitbull is alive and present, their services would never be required.

Do you see the amazing picture of Pitbull in the left image? He looks like he could snap Sephiroth in half with just a gaze. In the photo to the right, he has already saved the planet from the likes of the Shinra Corporation. If you need a world savior, again, Pitbull is your guy.

5 Gamers Complain About Everything

Can someone say this for all of the gamers in the back? Everyone needs to hear it. A lot of people talk about how Final Fantasy is the same with every new title. Yet, when Square hears these complaints and makes adjustments, people then complain that the franchise isn’t the way it used to be.

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Square did a great job in creating the remake to Final Fantasy 7, even though it took forever. Here’s to them doing what they believe is right instead of giving in to the demands of ungrateful gamers who don’t appreciate the greatness of the Final Fantasy franchise.

4 Final Fantasy 7 & Politics

There’s a lot to dissect here. First of all, Reddit is like the black hole of the internet. Everything, including the dark web, can be accessed there. That makes it a bit weird and ironic that they didn’t allow this meme. Second, let’s affirm that this meme is just a joke.

If you are a Republican, that doesn’t mean that you want to destroy the planet. Though, it was a bit odd that the Turks in Final Fantasy 7 were actively seeking to do so. What did Square have against the decent folks in Turkey?

3 A Classic Aerith Meme

You should have seen this meme coming, and it is indeed savage. Aerith is a pretty mysterious character in Final Fantasy 7, and she seems pretty naive and easy-going for much of the game. In fact, when Sephiroth finally killed her, she died without a whisper.

It’s completely hilarious how Aerith just gave up the ghost while looking to the sky as if she anticipated it. This just goes to show that she truly had her mind set on saving the planet and risking her life to do so.

2 Cloud Vs. Vin Diesel

Don’t pay attention to the foreign language in this post. All you need to see if the side-by-side pictures of Hollywood actor Vin Diesel and Cloud Strife. Diesel is known for his roles in the Fast & Furious and Chronicles of Riddick series. He is well-known for his stoic behavior, even in the face of sure death.

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While Cloud may not be as muscular as him, they do share some key similarities. Both are very laid-back and open to risk their lives without a care in a world. It’s funny because if you put a wig on Diesel and gave him the Buster Sword, he could star in a live-action film. Though, his gravelly voice may be too much.

1 The Last of Us 2

This casket meme has been floating around many social media networks for a while now. It basically symbolizes something being buried or thrown away by something that’s better. Anyone looking at this now can see all of the shade given to The Last of Us 2.

While it wouldn’t be fair to compare Final Fantasy 7 and The Last of Us 2, you could argue that the apocalyptic video game franchise still has some ways to go before it can match the success of the Final Fantasy series as a whole.

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