Allegation of mail-in-ballots tossed near dumpster gets no response from USPS, local police

A North Jersey man posted a photo on Facebook on Friday of a large quantity of mail that includes a multitude of ballots, strewn adjacent to a dumpster.

“Just found two to 300 lb of mail dumped in a dumpster behind one of the banks I service. Including at least 200 ballots,” said Howard Dinger. “This is the kind of stuff you just can’t make up. And yes it was reported to the local police and the postal police.”

Dinger said that the mail, including the ballots, were found in North Arlington and were intended to be delivered to West Orange residents.

The New Jersey Globe has been unable able to independently authenticate these ballots

“I found the mail personally and I can vouch for its authenticity. The local police were called and so were the postal police,” Dinger said on Facebook. “And all the people that are pissed off about me posting this are probably postal employees that have done the same goddamn thing . That’s the only reason I can see for being pissed off about my post. So for all those who have a problem with what I posted go jump in a lake.”

A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service did not immediately respond to a 4:02 PM email seeking comment. North Arlington Chief of Police Scott Hedenberg did not respond to multiple calls to his cell phone and text messages beginning at 3:55 PM.

There was no answer at a phone number associated with Dinger.

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