Amazon Adds Brand Stores to Search | Whole Foods to adopt Amazon Go cashierless technology


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Amazon Added Brand Stores to Search

Amazon is testing a change to its search suggestions that adds a link to the related brand’s store page. Branded searches like “adidas” have “adidas store on amazon” as an option. Crucially, unbranded searches like “men’s running shoes” also have a suggested brand store.

It is not clear which brands are participating in the test and how Amazon decides which brand store to feature for unbranded searches. For example, a search for “men’s running shoes” features the Asics brand while “women’s running shoes” show Adidas.

Amazon is making brand stores a more significant part of a brands’ Amazon presence and making more effort to help consumers find them via the interface.

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Whole Foods consider adopting Amazon Go cashierless technology

Amazon is looking to bring the cashierless tech found at its Go convenience stores to Whole Foods supermarkets as early as next year, according to reports.

Amazon may start implementing the tech in Whole Foods sometime during the second quarter of 2021. This technology, which is currently available in more than 20 Amazon Go convenience store locations, uses cameras, sensors, and computer vision to let customers walk out the store with groceries in hand and avoid cashier checkout lines.

Amazon To Reportedly Roll Out Luxury Brand Platform

Amazon is forging ahead with plans for a luxury brand platform, with the first of a dozen international accessories and ready-to-wear labels opening shops on the site as fashion show season kicks off in September.

The brands partnering with Amazon will also have access to centralized warehousing in the U.S., operated by Amazon, and be able to lean on Amazon’s vast delivery network.

The platform will be launched in the U.S. initially and Amazon is understood to be giving the brands full control over the look and feel of their virtual stores, allowing them to sell as much as they please, control when or if they go on markdown, and — crucially — leverage Amazon’s speedy delivery and customer service platform.

Amazon and Toys R Us parent company join forces

Amazon and Toys R Us are partnering to help revive the online toy business. Customers will be able to browse and select merchandise on the Toys R Us website, which will redirect to the product’s page on Amazon, where they can complete their purchase. The announcement comes amid the ending of a similar joint venture between Tru Kids and Target.

The partnership is a strategic move for both firms to reach their respective ecommerce goals during the upcoming holiday season. Retailers have long been working to capture toy sales — Walmart launched an interactive digital toy experience for kids in 2019, for example — and those efforts are even more important now, as toy and hobby ecommerce sales are expected to increase 21% year-over-year as more consumers shop online amid the pandemic.

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