Amending 2019 return on Turbotax… should I report 1099-B for sale of RSUs?

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I filed my 2019 tax return a couple months ago. Got my federal refund but not my state refund (CA). Called the FTB and they said they needed me to send my W2 and 1099 so they can check that the values are correct. Not sure if this is normal.

Before I do that I’m trying to see if I filed it correctly in the first place. Looking at my tax return on Turbotax I can see that my gross income was a lot higher than I expected… the difference being the amount of gains on my 1099-B.

What’s shown on the 1099-B are my previous employer’s stock options that I sold. I think these were reported as regular income on my W2 and on the 1099-B I can see that it was properly taxed (Fed, ssn, med, state, etc).

I reported the 1099-B on turbo tax but I guess my question is was I supposed to? By reporting the 1099-B did I over-report my actual gross income?

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