Back To School At Wortham ISD

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Wortham ISD has announced their upcoming Back to School plans for the 2020-2021 school year.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) has worked to set out guidelines of what will be necessary procedure for all students, teachers, faculty and even visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Infection Control

Students who are ten years of age or older are expected to wear a facial covering while attending school or a school function as required by Governor Abbott’s order.

Face coverings must be school dress code appropriate, no inappropriate or offensive language or images.

Social distancing of at least six feet is encouraged when possible, but it will not always be a possibility due to a variety of factors including school size, classroom size, and so on.

Students and staff can provide their own personal protection equipment (PPE), the school will provide these on an as-needed basis.


Parents or guardians are expected to screen their student before sending them to school.

Individuals who are feeling ill should stay home, especially when exhibiting:
–Shortness of breath
–Sore throat
–Abdominal pain
–Muscle aches

Teachers and staff will be self-monitoring symptoms as well.

If a teacher sees a student displaying symptoms, they must report them to the school nurse.

Visitors must complete screenings upon entry into any school district building.
Positive COVID-19

Students who test positive, or display symptoms, will switch to online learning while staying at home.

They may not return to the campus until three criteria have been met:
–No fever for seventy-two hours without the aid of a fever reducer
–Improvement in symptoms
–At least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared

If a student displays symptoms but does not have COVID-19, they must have a doctor’s note, or have proof of two COVID-19 negative test results.

Online Learning

Students must show ‘engagement’ on a daily basis to be considered present for the school day.

Teachers will communicate lesson plans via a preselected platform (SeeSaw, Google Classroom, Edgenuity).

Teachers for online classes will use district grading guidelines, and students will be required to take the same assessment test that face-to-face students take.

At times synchronous learning will be necessary, and students will be expected to adhere to the districts dress code during those times.

If a class requires in-person instruction, the student will need to travel to the campus to receive the lesson.

Sufficient internet connection is required, and the district may have hot spots available upon request.


Desk and table arrangement will allow for as much possible social distancing in the limited square footage. Due to the circumstances, there can be times that the six-foot rule cannot be followed.

Students will have assigned seats, and a seat chart that must be followed to help with contact tracing, if needed.

When possible, the use of shared supplies will be limited.

Additional School Areas

–Cafeteria areas will be sanitized after each seating, students will be socially distanced in line and while seated.

–Gym will have special protocols for locker rooms, and physical education may be held outside whenever possible.

–Playground will have encouraged social distancing along with a rotating schedule to lower the number of students playing at once.

–Restrooms and Hallways will be frequently sanitized, staff will help (younger) students with safety during bathroom breaks, and staff will discourage groups at lockers.

–Water fountains will mostly be turned off to help stop the spread of the virus, students may bring bottles or clear, plastic containers for water only. Each campus will have a dispenser for bottles.

–Band Hall will be sanitized between uses, and students will be distanced.

–Libraries are remaining open with minimal students allowed in at a time, frequent sanitization, and returned books placed on a cart, sanitized, and kept out of rotation for two days.

–Computer Labs also will be sanitized with students spaced.


Pick up and drop off times will not be changing for students riding the bus.

When possible, the district does ask that families transport children to and from school, that is the safest way to transport children due to COVID-19.

Children must wear a face mask if required. Note – If a child does not have a mask on and is exposed to COVID-19, they may be asked to quarantine at home for 14 days.

Hand sanitizer will be used as children get onto the school bus.

There will be assigned seating with a seating chart, and when possible, family groups will be sat together.

Windows will be open when possible to allow for fresh air.

Buses will be sanitized after each trip with a focus on high touch areas.


All visitors must wear a facemask, and are subject to screening for COVID-19.

Non-emergency visits are discouraged, and no parent may eat lunch with a student.

Meetings that cannot be held virtually are highly encouraged to be socially distant.

Wortham ISD will work to keep counselors available for all students, as well as other support, to help parents help their child be educated at home.

If there are any questions, concerns, or more information needed, call Wortham ISD at your child’s campus.

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