Can people give me their advice and experiences for using Marijuana to help anxiety?

I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety a lot in my life (I’m mid/late 20s) now and live in the UK. I’ve tried different medications like different doses of sertraline and other SSRI’s but since I started smoking when I feel very overwhelmed I feel like nothing helps me more.

In the UK weed is sort of decriminalised but not really so when I speak to my friends I feel like they’re judging me saying ‘are you still smoking weed’ etc even though I used to live in a place where it was legal.

I just wish there wasn’t a stigma because I’m torn between stopping/cutting down to satisfy family/friends and helping myself. Can anyone give me some advice or share their experiences?

I recently read a book which said around 20% of people are biologically immune to anxiety. Those 20% have a gene mutation which lets them produce higher levels of anandamide the so called ‘bliss molecule’ similar in effect to Marijuana. So I don’t know if the tie between weed and anxiety lies there?

This most likely won’t get seen but it’s still interesting to write it down for myself anyway 🙂

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