Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL): Overlooked Prepotency in High-Growth Markets

This is an article about a company that seems to have positioned itself uniquely well at the nexus of a number of key themes within the broader Hemp, Cannabis, and CBD sector.

Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL) is a California-based cannabinoids product company that might be considered an emerging leader in the field, given its heavy R&D focus over the past year, and many provisional patent applications in process now at the USPTO for infusion technology and cannabinoid processing methods. And, oh by the way, the company has exposure to the powerful cannabis delivery theme as well.

But the main focus of this piece is notable fact that the company has just made the so-called “golden transition” from a promising development-stage IP/R&D play to a commercial-stage company now starting to drive sales with a market edge in terms of its proprietary assets.

Hemp You Can Cocktail

A big part of this transition is the company’s move to start marketing and selling its Hemp You Can Feel product line, which is now hitting market in the form of both its alcohol substitute beverage mixers and its sweeteners.

The alcohol substitute idea is a golden strike.

Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers purportedly create a feeling similar to light alcohol consumption without the alcohol. And they are now being let loose on the biggest e-commerce stage on the planet with the company’s news that this product line is now available on

According to the release, the Company’s Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers currently come in three flavors: Margarita Jalapeño (see here), Skinny Classic Cosmopolitan (see here), and Hibiscus Mint Lemon (see here). The Preparation of a Hemp You Can Feel™ cocktail is simple: add 1-2 oz of mixer along with ice and sparkling water. No alcohol is needed. The Hemp You Can Feel™ mixers provide an experience on par with light alcohol consumption, but without any of the harmful side effects of alcohol.

“Our in-house research suggests these mixers have tremendous home-run potential as a popular product line,” remarked Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL). “Almost universally, the feeling of having a cocktail is desirable, but the collateral consequences of chronic alcohol consumption are well documented and certainly well understood by most consumers. We only recently launched the Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers. But getting this line of products on the powerful platform widens our reach immensely.”

The key here is intuitive – with only a rudimentary sense of human nature, one can understand the draw of a “have your cake and eat it, too” scenario. It’s like an ice cream diet plan. It’s like a job where you get paid to drink beer and watch football. This is a product that simulates the cocktail experience without the negative effects of alcohol, and with the positive effects of cannabinoids. It’s hard to imagine an easier product to market and sell. And it just went live on the biggest ecommerce platform in the history of the world.

To get that wave of sales going, the company also recently announced that it has entered into a three-year distribution agreement with Baja United Group for nationwide distribution of Hemp You Can Feel™ branded products, including the Company’s new Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers.

According to the release, under the terms of the agreement, Baja United will stock and distribute the Company’s products and represent the brand to retailers, wholesalers, entertainment venues, and online portals.

“Baja United was a natural choice for us,” commented Tabatabaei. “They have done considerable testing on our Hemp You Can Feel™ products and share our enthusiasm that our new hemp-based alcohol substitute mixers hold the potential to create a new category within the beverage sector.”

Hemp You Can Sweeten With

This now pairs up with the company’s recent announcement that it is launching its Hemp You Can Feel™ Sweeteners line. Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL) began production of the product line earlier last week with shipments to clients starting this week, according to its release.

The product is based on hemp infusion technology performed by honeybees through what CBGL calls “Bee-Fuse Technology™“: the bees are provided hemp extracts to produce a complex hemp compound.

According to the release, this all-natural compound is processed by the Company into powdered sweeteners using a proprietary process. The result is a 100% water-soluble product line that does not alter the taste of beverages or foods, is completely dissolvable in cold and hot fluids, and is rich in cannabinoids and hemp extracts, all while being free of chemical additives, surfactants, and emulsifiers.

To drive sales, the company also announced that it is making free samples of the sweetener line available to all comers.

“What will you find by taking the Hemp You Can Feel™ Challenge? – Probably the best hemp infusion technology on the market today,” commented Tabatabaei. “Where most hemp extracts and CBD products rely on chemicals to suspend the cannabinoids in foods and beverages, our products do this naturally, powered by the advanced and patented Bee-Fuse Technology™ and Hemp You Can Feel™ technology. With no added chemicals, no bitter taste, and no clouded beverages, it is simply the best hemp infusion technology available. We invite you to try our sweetener line for free, and hope you will tell us about your experiences.”

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