Chuck E. Cheese Attempts To Save Itself By Streaming Fall Guys

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Chuck E. Cheese is distracting himself from his company’s ongoing bankruptcy filing, and he’s doing it on Twitch by playing Fall Guys. The chain of animatronic-filled pizza restaurants has an intrinsic link to video games. It was founded by Nolan Bushnell, the father of Atari and one of the driving forces behind the medium’s popularity in its earliest days. Although he’s no longer involved in the business, the chain still heavily revolves around a unique combination of a family-friendly arcade atmosphere and animatronic robots that helped inspire a popular horror franchise.

It’s only fitting that Chuck has chosen Fall Guys as his game of choice on Twitch, because it would have fit right into a Chuck E. Cheese location if it were an arcade game. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s colorful party game pits scores of bean people in costumes against each other in various party game competitions. Fall Guys is a bona fide gaming sensation, with its launch earlier this month exceeding all of its developer’s expectations. This could be due to the game launching for free on PlayStation Plus, although it’s the first game to copy that plan from Rocket League‘s playbook and actually succeed in generating this much hype.

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Chuck E. Cheese announced that he was chasing crowns in Fall Guys earlier today on the brand’s Twitter account, and he streamed for one hour. During that time, the birthday loving rat didn’t have a mic plugged in, but he was in the chat asking his viewers innocuous questions like “Have you eaten pizza today?” and “What’s better, hamburgers or pasta?” While there were some audience members giving Charles a hard time in the chat, many seemed happy to be interacting with the brand icon, and the rat even won a few games of Fall Guys over the course of the broadcast.

This isn’t Chuck’s first Twitch broadcast either. He joined the platform two months ago with streams of Animal Crossing, inviting viewers onto his restaurant-themed island. He also streamed Fall Guys on launch day, and there’s no indication that the brand character will stop after today’s success. His stream picked up steam on social media thanks to retweets from the official Fall Guys and Devolver Digital Twitter accounts. Devolver even said that it’s reached its peak due to the video game rodent playing the new game on stream. Perhaps the publisher can offer Mr. Cheese financial aid for his ailing chain of pizza parlors in exchange.

If Chuck E. Cheese keeps streaming on Twitch, he may continue to play Fall Guys, but there are plenty of other video games to try out. Perhaps he can pull Pasqually away from tricking diners on delivery apps to try a round of Overcooked. Maybe there could be a separate stream where famed guitarist Jasper T. Jowls could show his stuff in Rock Band. The possibilities are endless, and Chuck may even be able to afford a new microphone if he makes Twitch partner. Sometimes, dreams do come true.

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Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Chuck E. Cheese/Twitter

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