Filed 4/6…TurboTax…NonFiler…Crickets Ever Since

Checked it dozens of times and constantly got payment status not available.

Checked it today. Literally flipped off my laptop screen as I hit the submit button, expecting PSNA yet again because clearly, for some fucktarded reason, I got left out.

Fuck the IRS.

The new page loaded and this happened

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HOLY SHIT. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Does this say Aug 12? This year? It’s real? Hahah! That could’ve come at an earlier time but better late than not at all, which is what I was assuming now that we’re in AUGUST for fuck sakes. Four months waiting on this.

That does make me breathe easier that I’m definitely okay now to get the second one if and when they get around to sending it…like December or some shit.

So, I have to say what others have said…don’t give up hope. Or give up hope and find other things to do but check back once a week or once a month. If you’re sure you’re eligible and nobody sabotaged you by claiming you, then it’s just them dragging ass and they will get to it eventually.

They finally updated it from April 6.

I do know one thing. I will NEVER use TurboTax again for any reason.

Happy Day!!

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