Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Games

Q: Is Facebook Login for Gaming a different login authenticator from Facebook Login?

A: No. It’s the same login authenticator but provides a customized user experience for game developers and players. Facebook Login for Gaming accepts the same Facebook account and credential, and can be integrated into your application the same way with Facebook Login.

Q: Is there an SDK we can use to integrate Facebook Login for Gaming?

A: Yes, we support integration using SDK on Android, iOS, Unity3D and JavaScript. Please refer to SDK documentation for detailed instructions and minimal version required.

Q: With Facebook Login for Gaming, what user information will be available to query over Graph API?

A: After integration with Facebook Login for Gaming, your application will receive a user access token for making requests to Gaming Graph Domain ( For endpoints available on this domain, please reference this documentation.

Q: Will IDs of users change when Facebook Login for Gaming is enabled for my application?

A: No. Users will maintain the same App-Scoped User IDs regardless using Facebook Login or Facebook Login for Gaming.

Q: Can we test the Gaming Login in a controlled development/staging environment?

A: Yes, you can create test users for your application.

Q: Is there a way to deactivate Facebook Login for Gaming?

A: No. This is not supported due to privacy implications.

Q: Is Facebook Login for Gaming available only in certain regions?

A: There are no restrictions on region.

Q: Can we access users’ profile pictures?

A: Yes, follow the instructions to request GAMING_USER_PICTURE permission to gain access to users’ profile pictures. Note this is an optional permission for users to control.

Q: We use a 3rd party service which involves sending them the User Access Token. Are there any ramifications for this?

A: Please ensure you are using a compatible version of SDK in your application. If you experience issues with Facebook Login for Gaming when using it with any 3rd party service, please reach out to Facebook support.

Q: What is the minimum Graph API version supported?

A: We support all Graph API versions that are currently being supported by Facebook.

Q: Is Facebook Login for Gaming required for integrating with Player Finder?

A: Yes.

Q: Upon activating Facebook Login for Gaming, will users be able to see their existing Facebook friends on Player Finder?

A: User will see all their existing Facebook friends as long as they have authenticated to the same game and selected the appropriate privacy option.

Q: Is Facebook Login for Gaming required for integrating with Sharing for Gaming?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the shares from a user who authenticated using Facebook Login for Gaming attribute to their Facebook or Instagram accounts?

A: Yes – all the shares to feed and stories attribute to the user’s Facebook/Instagram account.

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