Google Maps on iOS with broken Street View after update

Google Maps for iOS has recently been updated to version 5.49. The update proved troublesome and problems were noted with Street View. The error makes the feature more difficult to access, although it is still possible. Probably soon Google Maps will receive a ready-made solution to the problem.

Google Maps is an application that is also very popular among users iPhone. However, the latest iOS version of the platform update has a bug. It appeared in the issue number 5.49, which in app Store added at the end of July. Soon after, users started complaining about problems accessing Street View.

Service Street View in the latest version of Google Maps is not working properly. It’s just difficult to try to access this feature in Maps for iOS. This is because the access button disappears when the pushpin is dropped. Can you deal with it somehow? It turns out that it is.

The problem with Street View on Google Maps on iOS has a temporary solution

When you want to access street view in Google Maps for iOS devices, you can just try by searching for the address of the place. Here’s an option Street View should be available frequently. The error will probably be removed, but it is not known when it will happen. It’s been around for quite a few days.

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