[Help] CBD use in pets

We have a 12.5 year old AMSTAFF and he weighs 90lbs. He was recently diagnosed with spondylosis throughout his entire spine. Additionally, he has pitted edema in the left hock and is being worked up for both a tendon injury or lymphoma.

He is currently prescribed Gabapentin 300mg/day and Galliprant 100mg/dy for pain.

We are looking to add CBD oil to the pain management plan but find inconsistent information between vendors, medical studies, and other CBD information formats. (This is largely due to a lack of FDA approval)

One side effect of CBD is its impact on the liver in “high doses” however that term seems to be subjective.

My questions are this:

  1. Does anyone have experience in giving dogs CDB oil to dogs and if yes?

  2. What dosage are you using, how long have you been using CBD oil in your pet, and how much does your dog weigh?

  3. How are you administering the CBD? (Oil drops, edibles, topical)

  4. What results have you observed?

Thank you

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