I accidentally started a FB war over masks

bird on mid air above boat on sea during sunrise

The mask argument that is probably on everyone’s social media wall is a funny one and I think truly exhibits how much of a complete waste of time social media, and in particular Facebook is. I see people that I know spending what I have to imagine is hours of their day finding this study or that, carefully linking them and then explaining them to whoever it is that they are arguing with only to have the study not even read by who they are talking to and the other party just points out one typo they made in their rebuttal.

I would imagine that these people have jobs and are neglecting them by getting involved in this debate in the first place… or maybe they don’t and they are going stir-crazy at home with nothing to do and choose to get involved in these pointless online debates. They quickly devolve into name-calling and accusations of right wing / left wing etc, which is silly when we are talking about a mask, but I suppose that is what the world has become.


Personally I don’t give a S**T if you wear a mask or not. I don’t believe they are actually effective in preventing anything, especially not in the way that people just throw on “whatever” that covers their face such as a bandana or re-use the 20 cent one for a month they got for free on the street. I would imagine that it would be very helpful if someone was coughing and sneezing but then again I feel as though a hand would be just as effective since people aren’t going to sneeze into the interior of a mask and then just carry on with their day with mucus rubbing into the bottom part of their face all day, now are they?

So when I posted a video the other day that is anti-mask, I did so knowing that a group of Karens were going to come out of the woodwork to attack me for it. I posted it moreso because I really enjoy the original song Safety Dance and felt as though the creators did a very good job of making a parody that even Weird Al would probably commend. Here it is.

My FB profile is barely used. If I do post anything it is never political and is normally something cute of funny and to be honest one of the only reasons that I use FB at all is because it is how I am able to communicate with all of my friends. I AM in fact trying to get my real friends over to LINE, Telegram, or the god-awful WhatsApp if possible but in the meantime FB is still where my “phonebook” exists for the most part.

Most of my posts that would be of an amazing photo I randomly took during my life in Thailand would get 5 or maybe 6 comments and the comment section related to this video is now over 100 responses… The craziest thing is that almost none of the comments are by me because I wasn’t really trying to make a statement. I also don’t even know who most of the people commenting actually are. I would imagine they are “friends” or “friends of friends” but I don’t immediately recognize most of their names.

I haven’t deleted comments or blocked anyone because I don’t really care about this debate and truly think it is stupid for individuals to feel as though their words on FB are actually going to mean anything to anyone. Honestly! Does anything ever get accomplished with a FB argument?

Again, I don’t really have an opinion about masks in public and I am not going to spend hours digging up information about the pros and cons of doing so… not for free anyway and it is unbelievable to me how so many people spend hours and hours every day participating in a pointless discussion where everyone’s minds are being made into a political thing these days.

For me, since I am a guest in the country that I live in (Thailand) if the government mandates that we are to wear masks in public, I wear a mask in public. If it is not a government ordered decree I will NOT do so the same way that almost everyone wasn’t doing so 6 months ago. Does this mean that I agree with the efficacy of masks? Absolutely not, but I am very much in favor of not getting fined for non-compliance.

It is not a requirement in Chiang Mai (where I live) and therefore I don’t wear one unless I am going to a shopping mall, which is never.

And that is pretty much the end of the discussion for me. I hope you watched and enjoyed the video above. I thought it was pretty great.

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