Ikea Tradfri device discovery issue

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I just purchased a C7 HE and Ikea Tradfri bulb as a cheap way to test it. Problem is that I don’t know why the bulk is not connecting to the hub – device dicovery will not find it.
Tried reseting the bulb but it didn’t work. Hub is almost touching the bulb so the distance won’t be a problem.
Anyone who had the same problem?

Tradfri bulbs are rapidly discovered by my HE C5 after bulb reset (6 off-on cycles ending in on).

Make sure Zigbee radio in on in HE.

Make sure you are in Zigbee discovery mode.

Make sure they are Tradfri bulbs (I bought once one Tradfri packaging that contained their regular LED bulb, and has me going crazy for more than an hour).

Once discovered, chose the Generic Zigbee Bulb CT (dev) driver for the device.

I guess I found the problem.
List of compatible devices contains “TRÅDFRI Bulb E26” but mine is “TRÅDFRI Bulb E27”

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