Memories when blazed af

First off I’m pretty stoned rn so sorry if I make no sense. This isn’t the first time this has happened but I don’t see it mentioned very much so idk. Anyway, when I occasionally do a heavy night and edible myself to the moon I keep getting to this stage where I’m laid comfy af and I start daydreaming and I just relive old memories I didn’t even know were there.. like I’m not just talking flashbacks but full on immersed into my memory and how the room looked and how I felt. I’ve memorised things from when I was less than maybe 8 y/o all the way to things that happened recently. It’s weird to describe it but I see memories that I knew happened but couldn’t visualise or recall whatsoever sober and I see them so vividly it’s like I’m there again.

Like I said I’m baked af writing this bit I hope it makes sense lmao, anyone else experience this?

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