Title Bar

Describe the Bug:
Sometimes we are unable to set focus back to the Calculator after minimizing using the title bar menu. This issue occurs when we are working in the Graphing mode. After opening the app again, we cannot press even a single button.

Steps to Reproduce:
This bug is intermittent. You may have a hard time reproducing this bug; I resetted this app several times in order to record a handful of occurences.
If someone is able to reproduce this, please leave a comment telling your observations so that the maintainers find it easier to debug.

  1. Open the Calculator in Graphing mode.
  2. In the expression box, type an incomplete expression as shown below:
x <


x =


x /


x |
  1. Right-click the title bar and select ‘Minimize‘.

Title Bar

  1. Restore the app from the taskbar.
  2. You will notice that you are unable to click any button or text field.

Focus Bug

Expected Behaviour:
We should have been able to set focus to any button or text field.

Device and Application Info:
OS Build: 10.0.19041.264
Architecture: x64
Application Version: 10.2005.23.0
Region: India (en-US)
Dev-Version Installed: No

Requested Assignment:
I’m just reporting this problem. I don’t want to fix it.

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