Refund for a returned device

I ordered an Iphone 11 on AT&T’s website back around July 14. I paid the full price for the device. (it was not on an installment plan) When it arrived i realized i ordered the wrong color by mistake. I never opened the phone box and simply returned it via USPS using the RMA return label included with the device. (Separately I ordered a different iphone 11 (also paying the full price) that was the correct color) but i have yet to receive a refund for the device that i returned. The USPS tracking number shows the device was picked up by the company (Pitneybowes/Newgistics) AT&T uses to ship back returns. Entering the USPS Tracking # into the Pitneybowes website- shows my device was return to the AT&T Return Center in Fort Worth TX on 8/6/2020. There is nothing on my acct showing any information about the returned device or when i will get a refund of $850 + tax. I have called AT&T numerous times but only get bounced around to people who don’t have any answers or hung up on. I just want to know when i will be refunded.

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