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The RN to MSN program is designed to allow students to achieve their baccalaureate degree and work toward their MSN degree. This program of study allows nurses to apply six hours of graduate course credit to the BSN degree. Two courses in the Master of Science in Nursing Program may be substituted for two courses in the Davis Nursing RN to BSN Program allowing students to graduate with their BSN degree and complete their MSN Program in 30 additional credit hours of courses. NURS 501 Nursing and Health Care Systems and Issues (3H) may be substituted for NUR 303 Trends in Health Care (3H), and NURS 500 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Practice (3H) may be substituted for 3 credit hours of NUR 300 Concepts in Professional Nursing. See the Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies for requirements of transfer of courses for graduate credit.

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