Solitaire – Grand Harvest

two women playing soccer on field
Solitaire – Grand Harvest
5 Std.

Howdy, Farmers! πŸ‘‹

As most of you know, we’re hosting a ‘Christmas In Summer’ festival on the Farm. πŸŽ„β˜€οΈ

Can you help us find all the scattered Christmas objects so that we can have a proper celebration? πŸ˜‡

We’re looking for:
– A stocking
– A gingerbread cookie
– A present
– A bell
– A snowman
– A Christmas tree
– A tree decoration

Once you found them all, sort the letters standing next to them by order – and tell us what you got! 😁

When you’re done, hop back in to keep collecting merry memories with this SWEET TREAT! 🎁 >> (Available through the Facebook app only)

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