Traveling During The Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s Possible and Fun

Traveling During The Coronavirus Pandemic. It's Possible and Fun

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 /

By Jonathan Stock

Summer and early fall are often the time for road trips, beach vacations, and romantic getaways. But amid the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people are hesitant to travel even as many states are starting to lift stay-at-home orders and restrictions. Despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses that staying home is the best way to protect both yourself and others from getting sick, more and more people are choosing to get away to regain some of life’s normalcy after months in quarantine.

Taking time off from work is more important now than ever, as stress levels rise and days become indistinguishable from one another. Add the ever-present feeling of being ‘always on’, exacerbated by blurring lines between work and life, and you have a recipe for burnout.

The best cure for burnout is taking a vacation. Unfortunately, thinking about taking a vacation during a pandemic can be a source of stress in itself. There are new factors to consider than in previous years such as health and safety risks due to COVID-19, and increased financial burden. So what does time off during a pandemic look like?

Recently there’s been a surge in rental home reservations, campsite bookings, and even RV rentals. Airbnb recentl stated it has received more bookings from May 17 to June 3 than it did in 2019 while campsites across the country continue to report record numbers. According to Expedia’s 2020 Summer Travel Report, which polled 1,000 Americans, 85 percent of people expect to take at least one road trip this summer.

It’s difficult to find the motivation to plan a socially distant getaway when so much about travel is uncertain during a pandemic. Could there be crowds? Will others wear masks? What businesses, activities and sights will even be open? What are the sanitization procedures?

Enter the remote vacation rental: Airbnb oddities like glamping yurts, treehouses, Hobbit houses and even a converted sheep wagon are all destinations in themselves, and they’ve found added appeal in a time of social distancing.

One operation that caught our attention was Eco Camps, part of the eco resorts of the world community and International Endeavors Corporation, a publicly traded company under symbol IDVV. With locations specializing in areas like Santa Barbara, Temecula, Idaho and even France. They have taken the ability to vacation during the coronavirus pandemic to the next level ensuring guests ability to stay safe and social distance all while getting a much needed break from reality.

Recently Eco Camps opened locations in Temecula, and Santa Barbara California. The Temecula location is very close to some of Southern California’s top wineries, and the Santa Barbara location features a semi private beach.

Featuring private en-suite bathrooms and comfy beds for up to 5 people, travelers find everything needed for a perfect relaxing day and good nights sleep including comfy bedding, fresh towels, complimentary biodegradable toiletries, cooking facilities, bottled water, tea & coffee.

Their resorts also offer contactless check-in which means check-in and check-out can be done without any human interaction, so guests can social distance safely while enjoying the Eco-Camps experience.

Paul Woolnough, founder of Eco-camps stated “When we created the Eco-camps model, we didn’t have to deal with a pandemic, but our contactless check and outdoor bathrooms makes our remote glamping accommodation the ultimate social distancing destinations.”

Recently Eco-camps developed a relationship with International Endeavors Corporation, a publicly traded company under ticker (IDVV) to work together on expanding the business model of both eco friendly social distance glamping resorts.

Jillian White, President of IDVV stated “It is nice to be involved with a project like this because in times like these people need to be able to take a break. We did not enter into glamping because of the pandemic, but I am glad to see guests smile at our property. It makes what we do here at IDVV feel special.”

More information about the resorts, reservations, as well as precautions being taken for travelers during the pandemic can be viewed at

About International Endeavors Corporation (OTC:IDVV)

International Endeavors Corporation is engaged in locating and acquiring established companies, brands, and technologies in both the hospitality and green energy sector. The company also has a real estate portfolio that includes commercial property, agricultural land, and buildings.

About Eco Resorts


We combine glamorous camping under canvas with the comforts and conveniences of a hotel, delivering unforgettable experiences for our guests in incredible locations.

ECO-CAMPS offers a selection of unique properties around the world by partnering with owners of unique properties to create one of a kind Glamping destinations where other forms of accommodation can’t be built.


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