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The COVID-19 pandemic has not been kind to the global economy. Industries all over the globe have failed to perform and things are not looking good. But one particular industry that has seen a huge increase in numbers is the streaming industry. This does not come as a surprise per se considering everyone is forced indoors due to the pandemic and well, had to find a source of entertainment. This is where the big 3 come into the picture – Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming.

Twitch vs YouTube vs Facebook

These 3 platforms have managed to entertain their audiences throughout the lockdown. Not only have these platforms seen a rise in viewership, but also in the numbers of streaming channels available. Both content creators and consumers have seen a rise in numbers and it is a very good sign for an industry that is booming globally.

Mixer was another major player but unfortunately, Microsoft made the decision to shut it down. The news came as a shock to everyone but it was bound to happen at some point. It was started in the year 2017 and in its 2-3 years of operation, it failed to capture a substantial chunk of the streaming market. People will argue about multiple reasons leading to its shutdown but the bottom-line remains that it failed to perform. Facebook Gaming took over the business side of it and the streamers were free to move to Facebook or any other platform of their choosing.

So, this leaves us with the 3 behemoths that are Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming. All three platforms have something different to offer in terms of features and content to an extent. So the question arises, which is the best streaming platform? Here, we’ll discuss both quantitative and qualitative aspects that will help us determine which the best of the 3.

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