Weed/edible question don’t know who to ask

Ok. So my husband smokes alot several times a day (he is never not high). 3 times he has pressured me into trying something whether its smoking or an edible. The thing is each time it has been an AWFUL experience. I get bad flashbacks that happen so frequently I feel like I’m lost in time I don’t know when or where I’m at, I dont know who I’m with, and I don’t know what’s real. Which leads to me freaking out. Has this happened to anyone else who wanted to try weed or an edible because they heard it helped with ptsd? Or am I just weird. I know ptsd changes the human brain, and weed affects the parts of the brain that is changed/traumatized by ptsd. Idk. what gives? My husband always says weed isn’t bad etc and that it makes people happy and calm and I always remember that he gets very upset with me because of how it effects me (he says weed doesn’t do this to people, calm down, you aren’t dying). Why does it have such an awful effect on me while others get all happy and calm?

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