What is The Hemp Flower?

The hemp flower comes from the industrial hemp plant and it looks very similar to those of other variations of the plant. Much like your traditional marijuana, it also comes from the Cannabis Sativa species and is often referred to as the cousin to marijuana. However, since it’s a different strain it contains little to no THC and high concentrations of CBD, the polar opposite of traditional marijuana.

Why is It So Popular

The most obvious reason why the hemp flower is so popular is the numerous health aliments that its known to improve or ease the symptoms of. Its known for easing

Aside from the potential benefits it provides for those suffering from various health conditions, consuming the hemp flower may also provide other benefits. In fact, when consumed as a whole plant product it makes for a great source of protein and amino acids, adds flavor to foods if you use it for cooking, and it may also help you with focus and concentration allowing you to get things done more effectively.

More so, many people prefer the hemp flower over other forms of the Cannabis Sativa plant because of its low or nonexistent THC content (check out this youtube video from Mr Hemp Flower showcasing their hemp flower strains.). Since THC is a psychoactive substance, it can cause undesirable side effects if you are sensitive to it. With the hemp plant, you avoid those risks while still getting to reap the benefits of all the other cannabinoids found within the flower.

Consumption Methods

The hemp flower is very versatile when it comes to consumption methods. The method you decide to choose is more about personal preference than one method being more beneficial than the other. Take a look at the various forms of consumption and choose the one that seems the most appealing to you.


By far, the most popular way to consume the hemp flower is by inhaling it through a dry vaping system. A dry vaping system has an oven chamber that heats up the dried hemp flower and evaporates the cannabinoids and terpenes found within the flower using direct heat contact. This then turns into a vapor that you can inhale through the vaporizers mouthpiece.

If you don’t have a dry vaporizer, the second most popular form of smoking the hemp flower is through a glass pipe. Much like the buds from a marijuana plant, you can place the dried flowers into the chamber or bowl of the glass pipe where you’ll then apply direct heat using a lighter. As the flowers heat up, it produces smoke which you can inhale from the opposite end using the designated mouthpiece.

Lastly, many people also like to enjoy their hemp flowers by smoking them in a joint. To make a joint, you will place the dried flower inside rolling papers designed specifically for cannabis or tobacco products. You will then roll the paper together, using your saliva to keep it attached, and smoke it like you would a traditional cigarette.

Regardless of the smoking method you choose, you will feel the effects almost immediately after inhaling the smoke or vapors from the flower. The reason for this is because the CBD will get absorbed directly into the blood through the lungs instead of needing to pass through the digestive system. By bypassing the digestive system, there is no delay in the cannabinoids reaching your endocannabinoid receptors in the body.


Another popular form of ingesting the hemp flower is through cooking or baking. Much like the THC dominant variation of cannabis sativa, hemp flowers are fat soluble, making it perfect for creating hemp flower infused oil or butter. You can use these butters and oils for cooking or baking that will enhance the flavors of your food and provide you with all the benefits of the hemp flower.

Unlike smoking, it will take longer for you to feel the effects of the hemp flower when you use it for cooking. The reason for this is that it will have to pass through the digestive system before it get absorbed by your body. This could result in a delay of 30-minutes up to 120-minutes depending on how quickly your digestive system functions.


As discussed above, you can use the hemp flower to create tasteful butters and oils to use for cooking. However, the oils made from the hemp flower is also used to make hemp flower infused edibles that you can consume instead of using it just for cooking. These edibles come in many variations including chocolate bars, gummies, cookies, and more.

Again, by consuming the hemp flower in the form of edibles will take longer to get the desire effects of the flower. Depending on how quickly your body digests the edibles, it could take up to 120-minutes for you to feel anything from your edibles.


Unfortunately, there is no recommended dosage for the hemp flower and it’s difficult to maintain a consistent dosage regardless of how you choose to consume it. There are too many variables that affect how much CBD is in one various product or flower and how one persons body absorbs it compared to others. Leaving dosage as a trial and error situation until you find what works for you.

For example, a single puff from a joint for you may not give you the same amount of CBD as someone else who takes a puff off the same joint. In addition, its very difficult to get a precise measurement of how much of the hemp flower goes into an edible or cooking ingredients, giving an inconsistent amount from one edible to the next. Making it very important to start low and work your way up to higher consumption levels.

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