Who els is using cbd flower with thc flower? I just started 3 days ago and I love it. No more anxiety …

Personally CBD ruins my high this thread really make me feel like I’m the only one lol but it’s beautiful it can help yall

I tried mixing it a lot of time in my joints sometimes a lot sometimes a little

I remember one time I mixed some exotics with some good quality local CBD (I live where it’s legal just enjoying the uk stoners vibe 😉

It literally ruined my high I mean not really because I felt the relaxation from the CBD but I was trynna get blasted and all the effects of the THC were destroyed by my mix ?

I always smoke high potency strains because I mainly smoke at night and I like to go to the moon

I do agree and understand yall about the anxious/jittery and paranoid of THC sometimes tho

It’s just sad that it didn’t worked out for me honestly because I wanted to stop using tobacco (I hate that shit) and replace it with CBD

I think the reason for this happening is because there is multiple mechanisms in which CBD interacts with THC and the results can vary greatly. It can reduce the effects of THC or exacerbate them.

Reading yall positive experiences the two molecules appear to be working in harmony rather than in conflict.

Prolly also depends a lot on the person and the dose.

Too bad I’m can’t use the combo ?‍♂️

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